Project Management

Si Hyug Jang, PhD

Project Manager(TI-168)

Jaemin Cho, PhD

Project Manager(TI-235/TI-385/TI-495/TI-520)

Regulatory Affairs

Jaemin Cho, PhD

Associate Director for RA

Hye Jeong, MD

Associate Director for Safety


Irene Kim


Research and Development

Jeong Heon Yoon, PhD

R&D Leader

Nari Byun, MS

Research Associate

Korean Office

Byeungjib Choi


SCM Lifescience and TeraImmune co-develops CAR-Treg for Atopic Dermatitis using a virus-free gene delivery system.

Optipharm and TeraImmune co-develops CAR-Treg which can avoid the immune rejection of transplanted organ from the mini pigs.

Panolos and TeraImmune co-develop bi-specific recombinant fusion proteins that recognize both target cells and Treg cells.