TI-495 (Xeno-transplantation)

Organ transplantation is one of the only therapeutic strategies employed in the end stage of several chronic disorders and cancers. The annual demand of transplant organs is over 1.3 million, but the supply is less than 10% globally. Therefore, it is impossible to avoid the organ shortage if allogenic transplantation is the only option to supply organs. The demand of xenogenic transplantation arises from this situation.

A miniature pig is an ideal animal to obtain an organ for transplantation because of its high anatomic and physiological similarities with humans. The size and shape of digestive, circulatory, and urologic organs of miniature pigs are especially alike to humans’. Additionally, miniature pigs have short and polytocous pregnancies and less zoonotic diseases than non-human primates, increasing the potential of the organ supply.

The TI-495 pipeline of TeraImmune lowers the immunogenicity of swine tissue when transplanted. TeraImmune collaborates with Optipharm, Inc., a world-leading transgenic miniature pig developer to invent a novel xenogenic transplantation strategy. With the top-notch Treg-mediated immune suppression technology of TeraImmune, stable and safe xeno-transplantation will be made possible for patients who need organ transplantation.